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RupiManager for Sygic™ GPS Navigator is designed to help managing, importing and exporting your favorites POI - PDI locations (Points of Interest).Edit, import, export, convert your navigator favorites POI lists & categories is no more a pain.
There are no other apps that made Sygic™ import POI on the fly nor export favorites POI.
With Rupi Manager you can import POI from TXT CSV KML GPX OV2 sources, made a POI backup, import / export from another navigator program,and edit POI on Google Maps™.
Also import / export your POI from GPX files for Garmin™ POI Loader or from OV2 TomTom™ files.
With KML support you can transfer you POI from / to Google Earth™
RupiManager works with latest Sygic™ navigator GPS app
________________________________________LATEST FEATURES / IMPROVEMENTS• Fixed for Marshmallow - Android 6• Favorites POI import / export : changes are immediately reflected to navigator app without any restarts.• Sends a POI directly to navigator for View or Drive To• Lollipop (Android 5) EXTERNAL SDCARD support• Localization : Deutsche, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Slovenský• Improved KML import routine• Sygic™ import GPX CSV TXT ASC KML OV2• Sygic™ export GPX CSV TXT ASC KML OV2________________________________________MAIN FEATURES
• Import Favorites POI, import GPX, import KML, import OV2, import CSV TXT ASC • Export Favorites POI, export KML, export GPX, export OV2, export CSV TXT ASC • Edit & review your POI on Google Maps™• Google Maps™ Traffic display available, other map options available• Send immediately a POI to Sygic™ for Drive To or View• Full international charset support• Can handle up to 150.000 POI• User privacy aware : no user tracking, no background processes, no permissions requested to access to user data.________________________________________LINK TO SYGIC™ NAVIGATOR
Rupi Manager automatically scans your device searching for Sygic™ GPS navigator installation.You can select manually the installation folder too. More information at
________________________________________TEXT ASC CSV IMPORT FORMAT
Please read for detailed explanation.
Example of txt import file :
-74.00063|40.72301|Lower Manhattan|extra field 1-73.99552|40.72290|Nolita|some other info-73.99024|40.72524|Bowery
________________________________________KML GPX IMPORT - EXPORT
You can import KML or import GPX or export KML or export GPX files too •KML tag Placemark•GPX tag wpt
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Please send comments and requests to rupimanager@gmail.comThank you.
Sygic™, Garmin™, TomTom™, Google™, Google Maps™, Google Earth™ are registered trademarks of their ownersRupiManager is not affiliated with Sygic™ nor with other brands mentioned above